Assassins and Syndicates

Assassins are a special case where syndicates are involved. In the Syndication Pact all syndicates agreed to not engage directly in any assassination activities and instead a syndicate was created in which such activities would be conducted through. This assassination syndicate is called The Shadow.

The Shadow: Also known as the syndicate of assassins or the death syndicate, The Shadow is the organization through which the majority of assassins ply their trade. The Shadow refers to its members who conduct missions as ‘operatives’ and they usually operate in small groups of 3 or less. The Shadow is the only place where the assassin can be a hired killer and still within the law, though the identity of all shadow members is kept secret.

Other Syndicates: The other syndicates have agreed not to engage directly in assassinations and thus do not recruit assassins. Some such as underdog may hire an assassin, but only use it in adventuring groups, though this is rare because having such persons in your syndicate is an invitation to scrutiny. Most of these assassins join under the guise of being a rogue.

The Ruby Guard: Being apprehended by law enforcement isn’t a good thing for any assassin, Shadow operative or not. Unaffiliated assassins will be imprisoned and likely hanged especially if caught in the act. If a Shadow operative is captured by a syndicate they are usually let go, but there is a high chance that their identity has been compromised or information extracted from them before that time, so unless the operative is extremely valuable, they will usually remove the operative from their syndicate and put a mark on them. Because of this it is not unusual for shadow operatives to commit suicide when captured.

Independent Assassins: Being an independent is very difficult as the Shadow usually attempts to hire such individuals upon learning of them, if they are not up to Shadow standards, or they refuse to join, a mark is put upon their head. Because of this unaffiliated assassins are more common in places outside of the Kingdom of Morset such as the dwarven lands.

Notable Assassin Organizations:

If you knew about an organization of assassins they wouldn’t be very notable would they? This said the likelihood of any large assassin organization is small as The Shadow seeks out and destroys any it encounters with ruthless efficiency.


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