Few places are more mysterious than the great subterranean realm that lies deep beneath Morset. What little is known is gathered from encounters with the Drow. The Drow are an ancient race similar to the elves. They are rarely seen and the average person is likely to believe them to be more myth than reality. The dwarves and elves however, do have a knowledge and history with them and it is another source of animosity between the two.

Drow and Elves

Even before the formation of the Morsetan Empire, the elves have had relations with the Drow. This is usually in the form of a Drow delegation visiting the elven capital every 20 years. Those trips may seem far between but these are both races who regularly live to be over 1000 years old. The elves are characteristically tight lipped about these meetings and it is deemed by them to be a matter that doesn’t concern the other races. While the elves are welcoming of the Drow and feel that they are their brothers, there does not seem to be any formal alliance between the two races. On the whole the events on the the surface have little effect on the underworld so a true alliance would be unnecessary except in dire circumstances. The only time Drow have been known to directly aid the elves is with the assistance of a platoon of Drow warriors in repelling the Returned from the elven forests during The Fall.

Drow and Dwarves

While the Elves and Drow were shaking hands, at the same time the Dwarves and the Drow were trying to strangle each other. The Dwarves and the Drow have been enemies as far back as anyone can remember, and their hatred and mistrust toward each other has only escalated over time (in true dwarven fashion). The earliest remembered conflict between the two involved the legendary dwarven capital of Thorannon. One of the many marvels of Thorannon were the mighty magma forges, they were the only type of forge hot enough to allow the dwarves to work with the mythical metals of mythril and adamantium. Of course these forges require flowing magma and to find it the dwarves had to dig very deep into the earth, deep enough to break into the underworld. Construction had already begun on the forges when the first groups of Drow starting showing up and warning the dwarves that they were invading Drow territory and to leave. Tensions began to escalate quickly as the dwarves began fortifying their position with deadly traps and the drow began to pick off vulnerable dwarves and destroy structures and carvings. From then on there were an unending number of skirmishes and small battles. It never escalated to an all out war, probably because the dwarves didn’t attempt to capture any more territory.


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