In all of Morset, fighters are the most numerous and diverse class. Fighters arise from almost every race and walk of life. The skillful elven swordsman, the sturdy hammerdwarf, the elite royal bodyguard, the humble town guard, and the savage orcish warlord are all fighters just to name a few. Martial prowess is the domain of the fighter, with the use of various deadly weapons, unyielding armor, and enduring physical vigor all of chief importance.

Fighters and Syndicates

Almost all syndicates make use of fighters to various degrees.

Cold Steel: This syndicate has the strongest affinity for the fighter, as is exhibited in the name. Cold Steel is concerned with mostly mercenary work with escort and guard missions being their specialty, fighters excel in these jobs. The stereotypical member of Cold Steel is an armored warrior.

Underdog: Another syndicate that hires a lot of fighters. Underdog is a heavily mercenary focused syndicate, but while it does do some guard and escort jobs, it has a stronger focus on adventuring and treasure hunting for their own purposes and for hire. Fighters work well as part of an effective underdog adventuring squad, providing the necessary strength and endurance crucial to many missions.

The Sahlah Archive: The Spire is very concerned with information and rare item and treasure gathering. They are more of an information brokering syndicate than a merc syndicate and thus have less use for fighters than Underdog or Cold Steel. While they usually hire out a squad from Underdog or Cold Steel for dangerous expeditions, they do have some of their own squads with fighters for more clandestine missions. They also employ some fighters as guardians for their collections.

The Consortium: The consortium is focused on trade and commerce. They have a similar use for fighters as the Spire does. They mostly hire fighters from other more merc focused syndicates as caravan guards for acquiring resources in dangerous areas.

The Shadow: Details on the Shadow’s hiring practices are scant at best. While fighters lack the skills necessary to be true shadow operatives, they may be useful in other ways, as spies for example.

The Ruby Guard: The Ruby Guard is the syndicate run by the Kingdom of Morset. They are strongly military based and as such they make use of many fighters in a soldier role to fight off bands of monsters and groups of the returned that threaten the kingdom. They also enforce many local laws and run the jails, which are both jobs that employ mostly fighters.

Notable fighter organizations:

Famous fighters:


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