Gods and Religion

Deity List

The Deity List is divided into greater gods, lesser gods, and demigods. Greater gods are powerful entities who hold power in many worlds across the cosmos. Lesser gods are similar to greater gods in substance, but hold power in only one or two worlds. Lesser gods worshipped on this world most likely originated on this planet. Idols are anyone or anything that is worshipped, but isn’t a god. Gods exist in a higher plane and cannot directly influence this material world, they must do that through their followers or through avatars. Most idols are physical beings that exist in this material plane and can influence this world directly, or they may be inter-dimensional entities of unknown substance. An idol could be anything from a sacred boulder worshipped by a tribe of mountain orcs, to an ancient spirit of nature that communes with druids. There are many idols so only the most well known or powerful will be listed here.

Greater Gods
Bahamut – God of dragons, N
Domains: Scalykind,Fire,Air,Strength
Subdomains: Dragon,Smoke,Resolve,Wind

Brak’Nal – God of justice and truth, LG
Domains: Law, Glory, Nobility, Protection
Subdomains: Judgement, Honor, Leadership, Defense

Errodrell – Dark Lord of darkness, living death, and necromancy, CE
Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Madness
Subdomains: Undead, Fear, Nightmare, Night

Jezra – Goddess of death, N
Domains: Death Goddess-Friendly Death Domain, Void, Repose, Knowledge
Subdomains: Stars, Ancestors, Souls, Thought

Sahlah – Goddess of the lost and forgotten, N
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Travel
Subdomains: Exploration, Memory, Language, Arcane

Lloth Goddess of the Drow, “The Spider Queen”, LE
Domains: Law, Earth, Magic, Evil
Subdomains: Tyranny, Divine, Slavery, Radiation

Lesser Gods
Sighet – Half-Elven god of prophesy, wanderers, and the guiding winds, NG
Domains: Weather, Travel, Liberation, Community
Subdomains: Family, Seasons, Freedom, Cooperation

Gimnur – Dwarven god of metalwork and mining, LN
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Law, War
Subdomains: Toil, Caves, Metal, Loyalty

Hollowheart – God of trees and forests, NG
Domains: Plant, Healing, Protection, Good
Subdomains: Growth, Restoration, Purity, Friendship

Ferlis – Trickster God of Rogues and Entertainers, CN
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Charm
Subdomains: Revelry, Thievery, Imagination, Whimsy

Ghulchok – Orc god of War, CE
Domains: Destruction, War, Strength, Earth
Subdomains: Blood, Rage, Ferocity, Caves

Dawnprow – God of seas, sailors, and ships, N
Domains: Water, Travel, Air, Repose
Subdomains: Flotsam, Oceans, Wind, Trade

Helioth the Gyre -God of madness and entropy, CE
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Destruction, Protection
Subdomains: Entropy, Insanity, Defense, Torture

Arnas and Olan the Sword Brothers – Gods of Steel, CN/LN
Domains: Water, Earth, Artifice, Community
Subdomains: Metal, Family, Toil, Cooperation

Note: Idols are not truly divine and thus do not grant cleric spells or have domains.

Ridia – Saviour of Morset, Revered and worshipped by many Half-Elves (see The Ridian Sandsea)

The Dreamer – Little is known of this idol worshipped by many Drow.

Mournspire – The orcs and half-orcs constantly battle for control over this sacred rock formation in the Bloodridge Peaks.

Kethil – Many druids of the Galwen Wood worship this ancient spirit of nature which is said to dwell in a hidden grove.

Gods and Religion

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