This page outlines the history of the continent of Morset.

The history of Morset is generally divided into ages, these ages are the Wild Age, the Golden Age, the Dark Age, and the current age, which is under scholarly debate.

Wild Age – This is the time over two thousand years ago before the formation of the Morsetan Empire. It was a time of strife and woe, when struggling civilizations battled both with each other and with the tireless blight of the undead armies of Errodrell. The details of this age are murky as most knowledge of the events is lost to the mists of time.

The Golden Age (or Empire Age), 0 – 944 AE – The modern counting of years began with the formation of the Morsetan Empire at 0 AE (After Empire) when this age began. This Age signifies the height of culture and society and lasted 1000 years, until The Fall. The various warring civilizations were united under the banner of the great Empire, and the Ritual of Ash was developed which greatly curtailed the strength of the The Returned. The grand veln city of Adamantia was unsurpassed as the capital and architectural jewel of the empire.

The Dark Age, 944 – ~2075 – Following the the fall of the Morsetan Empire the land entered into a new age of strife and darkness. The black armies of the returned controlled more of Morset than they had since the grimmest days of the Wild Age. The traitorous humans were exiled and disappeared from Morset entirely. The veln and especially the dwarves were scattered and devastated by the destruction of their major cities and lands and struggled to start anew. The elves retreated into their forests, beset by undead hordes from the north and the growing orcish strength from the once human lands to their south. For centuries knowledge waned as the desire for scholarly pursuit gave way to the simple needs of survival.

The Modern Age, ~2075 – Today (2170 AE) – The definition of this age is in somewhat of a debate. Scholars of Sahlah could bicker for days about when this age began and what it should be called or if it should be an age at all and not just a high point in the Dark Age. The existence of these scholars themselves is enough to convince most that the Dark Age has ended. Common names for this age include The Kingdom Age, The Syndicate Age, and The Age of Renewal, among others. The beginning of this age is marked chiefly by the rise of The Kingdom of Morset and the creation of the Syndicates via The Syndicate Pact which has ushered in the relative stability of our time.

The Wild Age
yr ? – The Ridian Sandsea is formed
The Golden Age
yr 0 – The elves join the The Adamant Empire, now called the Morsetan Empire
yr 2 – The dwarves sign The Treaty of Vidach Hill and join the Morsetan Empire
yr 24 – Following The Consolidation Wars the human nations are part of the Empire.
yr 77 – The Ritual of Ash is developed and use of it is made imperial law.

yr 917 – Kyran and Taldar Steelscale are born.

yr 944 – The Fall

yr 2071 – The first syndicate council is held and the syndicates Cold Steel, The Sahlah Archive, and Shadow are inducted into the Syndicate Council.
yr 2085 – The Kingdom forms it’s own syndicate The Ruby Guard.
yr 2103 – Gold Legion syndicate is inducted into the Syndicate Council.
yr 2110 – The Consortium syndicate is inducted into the Syndicate Council.
yr 2143 – Gold Legion is ejected from the Syndicate Council on charges of treason.
yr 2146 – Underdog syndicate is inducted into the Syndicate Council.
yr 2170 – Today


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