House Rules

Here you can find all game rules and systems that either add to or alter the information in the C&C source books as well as some general rules for our sessions.

Attendance Rules

The Ashes of the Empire (AotE) campaign is meant to be very open ended and player driven, because of this attendance is important and I need to know if you’re going to miss a session. Please let me know at least 24 hours ahead of time if you’re going to miss a session so I can prepare for your absence. If you miss a session you will not receive any type of role-playing experience and will only gain exp shared from combat in the session you are absent.

Late Notice Penalty

If you do not give me at least 24 hours notice of your absence there will be a penalty. You will not gain any exp during that session. You will also lose 10% of your Reserve Exp (detailed below). The reason for the penalty is that I might have planned some events in the upcoming session around your character and if you can’t make it I need some time to adjust my plans.

Characters of Absent Players

If a player misses a session their character will be controlled by one of the other players in combat. For roleplaying/etc the interactive qualities of that character will be less than an NPC, however I might take the role of that character if necessary. Being absent does not protect your character, there is nothing preventing your character from suffering loss of wealth, serious injury, or death during the normal course of play.

Character Creation

Here are the character creation rules for the Ashes of the Empire setting.


You are not allowed to make a character with an Evil alignment. Chaotic is OK.

Rolling Stats

Character stats are generated by rolling 4d6, dropping the lowest result and adding the rest. Do this 6 times to generate your stat spread. If you don’t like the result you may ask the DM to roll a spread for you in the same way, however you must take the DM’s result even if it’s worse than your original spread.

Starting Hit Points

You have max HP for your die type at level 1. Example: 1d6 = 6 hp at level 1.

Race selection

In the Ashes of the Empire campaign setting there are some alterations to the races available. Humans have not been seen on Morset for 1000 years and they cannot be chosen as your race. In addition to the other C&C races you may also choose the reptilian Veln (Dragonborn) race. Please see the Veln page for more info on Veln racial attributes.

Experience System

There are some additions to the C&C experience system you should take notice of.

Reserve Experience (rExp)

Most experience rewards your character gains in the course of play will be rewarded to your character nearly immediately and directly in the form of experience from killing monsters and roleplaying. However some experience points, mostly from sources external to the characters, will go into your Reserve Experience pool. This includes experience rewards from things like quizzes, certain quest rewards, etc.

Reserve exp acts as a supplemental bonus to normal exp gain. Whenever you gain exp if you have reserve exp you gain a 50% rounded down bonus to your normal experience subtracted from your reserve. Your bonus exp can’t be more than exists in your reserve pool. Example: You have 100 reserve exp and you defeat a group of goblins earning you 31 experience points. Because you have rExp you can apply that as a bonus to this exp gain. Take 50% of the experience rounded down (31/2 = 15.5 = 15) and subtract from your reserve and add it to your normal exp. The exp result from this fight would be 46 experience and would leave you with 85 rExp.

Reserve exp is meant as a more natural way for the characters to gain experience rewards from external sources, instead of just instantly becoming a better adventurer because the player did well on a quiz. Most quest experience rewards will also be reserve. From an character perspective the faster learning from reserve exp could be seen as inspiration, divine blessing, luck, or whatever makes sense to you.

Bonus Quizzes

One of the ways to gain reserve experience for your character is through quizzes. At the end of each session there will be a short (~10 question) quiz. The quiz is a fast and fun way to gain some experience for your character and an incentive to become invested in the lore of the setting. Questions will range over all sorts of things encountered during play and anything on the wiki. There’s no detriment to doing poorly on a quiz, only reward for doing well.

Attendance Reward

This one is easy to get, all you have to do is show up! There will be an exp reward at the beginning for showing up on time, and one at the end of the session for sticking around. To get the reward for being on time you must be logged into skype and fantasy grounds at the time the session begins.

Roleplaying Rewards and Incentives

this is still being figured out and adjusted but here’s the general plan

The Ashes of the Empire setting is open-ended so the more the players can bring to the table in the form of roleplaying, the richer the experience will be. To encourage this there are special incentives in place. When you are roleplaying well you will be rewarded with experience. Keep a separate tally of how much experience you have gained through roleplaying. When your character levels up if a high enough percentage of your experience is from roleplaying then you will get a reward.

Roleplaying Rewards (subject to adjustment):

These are calculated and rewarded at time of leveling. You gain all rewards up to the percentage you have met.

10% – You gain a re-roll. You may expend this to re-roll any die roll you have made. (not for hp rolls on leveling, subject to DM approval, etc.)

20% – On this level up you roll 2 dice for your hp increase and take the highest.

30% – You gain another re-roll. In addition until your next level you can use your re-rolls to re-roll other party members’ dice (they must consent.)

40% – You may roll the hit dice for all of your levels and add them together, if the total is higher than your current hp, then keep that value, otherwise discard it. For example a 5th level mage would roll 5d4.

50% – Add 20% of the exp needed to gain your next level to your reserve exp.

Character Death

still fiddling with this a bit, may change

The world of Ashes of the Empire is a world of excitement and adventure, but along with adventure comes the risk of death. Should your character die you will need to roll up a new character. Take the experience and reserve experience of your dead character and add them together, this is the amount of exp you have to seed your new character. Apply this experience pool to your new character. Your new character cannot be higher level than the lowest level member of the remaining party. If you have exp remaining in the pool that you cannot apply because you have already reached this level limit, put that experience in your reserve pool.

House Rules

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