In Morset most rangers will be Elves or Veln. Dwarven Rangers do exist, though they are rare. Half Elves have their own rangers, many of which specialize in the unusual geography of the Ridian Sandsea. Orcish rangers are not uncommon in the areas around their strongholds. Gnomish rangers have become more common recently as many have been uprooted from their lands and forced into the wilderness.

Rangers and Syndicates

Rangers live most of their life outside of civilization, which means they don’t get involved with the syndicates very often, still there are exceptions when their special skills make them a valuable asset. Rangers are more likely to form their own organizations outside of the syndicates.

Cold Steel: Cold Steel does recruit some rangers, mostly for special jobs such as guarding caravans that must travel off the roads into the wilderness. Rangers are also sometimes recruited into some of Cold Steels rare adventuring squads.

Underdog: Underdog recruits more rangers than most of the other syndicates due to their focus on treasure hunting and adventuring, both of which commonly involve treks through dangerous wilderness where a ranger is most at home. Underdog tries to maintain good relations with non-syndicate ranger organizations as well because of this. In a way rangers fit in well with the Underdog culture, being underdogs themselves as they are often alone in the wilderness fighting off dangerous creatures for a civilization that doesn’t appreciate them as they should.

The Sahlah Archive: While not recruiting many rangers themselves, the Sahlah Archive does rely on good relations with the non-syndicate ranger organizations to learn about potential information or hidden item troves in the trackless wilds. This information often comes at a high price.

The Consortium: The Consortium relies on rangers to protect their trade routes, though there is no official agreement in this matter. Rangers commonly take it upon themselves to protect civilization from unknown dangers in the wilderness and that civilization includes trade routes and caravans. The Consortium will sometimes work more closely with ranger organizations or Underdog squads with rangers in them in order to establish new trade routes through the wilderness or to protect caravans which sometimes must leave the established roads.

The Shadow: Details on the Shadow’s hiring practices are scant at best. While rangers lack the skills necessary to be true shadow operatives, they may be useful in other ways, though this is probably unlikely. The shadow could conceivably use rangers to determine the location of a target if it is taking refuge in the wilderness.

The Ruby Guard: The Kingdom of Morset hires many rangers through the Ruby Guard in order to scout ahead of its armies and gather information on enemy movements. As many rangers are elves they have a special devotion to the protection of the kingdom.

Notable Ranger Organizations:

The Death Warders: This ranger organization is composed mostly of Veln and Elves, though dwarves are not uncommon as most dwarven rangers are part of this organization. It is a decentralized organization with members and gathering places all over the Morsetan wilderness. The Death Warders are pledged to root out and destroy any concentration of the returned in the wilderness before they can establish a foothold. When a shard of Saviour falls from the skies and embeds itself in the wilderness it creates a zone of evil and undeath which draws the returned in the area to it. The Death Warders track down these shards and destroy them as quickly as they can and they are ever vigilant for the next to fall. Without the Death Wardens, the wilderness would slowly but surely be overrun by the undead. They are commonly feared and mistrusted by the average townsperson, as they can be grim due to their unpleasant work and long times away from civilization. The Death Warders will sometimes hire syndicate mercs if an infestation of returned has become too much for them to deal with, though this is uncommon. A simple skull accompanied by an arrow or arrows is their insignia, though there is no official arrangement and it can be seen in many forms.

Order of the Hart: This order is a more traditional group than the Death Warders. While they will not hesitate to eradicate the returned if encountered they are more focused on the protection of civilization and of the wilds in general. Like the Death Warders they are an decentralized group with many gathering places throughout the wilderness, though they are much less common than the death warders in the northern areas of Morset near to and within returned territory. They are composed of mostly Elves and Veln and have very few dwarves unlike the Death Warders. In the eastern areas of Morset there are many gnomes in this organization. They have more contact with syndicates than the death warders and the syndicates even recruit members from their ranks though this is rare. Many trolls, orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures have found themselves the target of Order of the Hart arrows. Their gathering places are usually marked by stag horns and the emblem is a green heart with black antlers inside.


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