Rogues come from many different races, though most come from the ranks of the poor or disenfranchised who resort to thievery to survive. Others take the arts of a rogue very seriously and consider themselves professionals skilled in the arts of treasure hunting and adventuring. Sometimes the first type becomes the second type through success or luck. In any case rogues are not uncommon and their skills can come in very handy.

Rogues and Syndicates

Rogues usually arise in urban settings and thus most who originate within the territory of the Kingdom of Morset are very familiar with the syndicates. Though they generally have a bad reputation due to their penchant for theft and burglary, many syndicates make good use of these specialists.

Cold Steel: This syndicate has little use for subterfuge and prefers things to be out in the open and fights to be on nice even ground, thus they don’t get much use out of rogues. In rare occasions they will hire rogues from other syndicates or rogue organizations, and they recruit a few for their few adventuring squads, but mostly they distrust members of the class, preferring to use a combination of military strategy, brute force, and martial discipline to solve their problems.

Underdog: When you’re the underdog you might seek an alternative to standing toe to toe with your opponents, and rogues can help provide that alternative. Underdog makes great use of rogues for intelligence, sabotage, and underhanded tactics which will gain them the upper hand. When going toe to toe with another syndicate, Underdog likes to make sure they have as many advantages as they can get, since they’ll probably be outmatched in sheer strength. Underdog also makes use of rogues because of the syndicate’s focus on treasure hunting and adventuring, two things that would be much more dangerous and difficult without the talents of their rogues.

The Sahlah Archive: Ancient ruins containing rare items and knowledge have a tendency to be trapped. Thats where the rogues come in. In order to gather the lost objects and knowledge that the Spire seeks, it needs the talents of rogues and this usually comes in the form of hired underdog squads. They also recruit a few for more delicate missions they don’t trust other syndicates with. The archive will go to any lengths to gather the lost things they seek, and some say this includes connections with various criminal organizations composed of chiefly rogues.

The Consortium: A syndicate with the goal of making as much gold as possible as quickly as possible sounds like the perfect match for a rogue. The consortium tries to appear as legitimate as it can in order to appease the Ruby Guard and the Syndicate Council, but most believe the consortium engages in a great deal of black market behavior. The consortium doesn’t recruit many rogues outwardly, but if rumor is to be believed, they deal with them very often.

The Shadow: Details on the Shadow’s hiring practices are scant at best, but it is believed that they recruit quite a few rogues. While not as specialized for killing as an assassin, rogues can still do many things as a shadow operative. From sabotage, to extortion, to incrimination, to theft, the shadow can be hired for many things outside of simple assassination. Rogues come in handy for such tasks.

The Ruby Guard: The Ruby Guard is very familiar with rogues, mostly because they enforce the laws and run the prisons. The Ruby Guard is similar to Cold Steel in it’s attitude toward rogues. There are sometimes occurrences of corruption within the syndicate that involve criminal organizations, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Notable Rogue Organizations:

The Thieves Guild: Also referred to as “The Hand” the thieves guild doesn’t exist. The Ruby Guard has labeled the notion of this secret organization of criminals as simply a ridiculous rumor kept alive by those with too much imagination. The rumors persist.

The Honorable Order of Treasure Seekers: “THOTS” for short. This group is a historic organization focused on the hunt for rare artifacts and treasures. They dismiss the Sahlah Archive as rank amateurs and declare themselves the best adventurers and seekers of treasure in the land. They are a group of mostly rogues, but as part of the member’s pledge they solemnly vow to never use their talents for criminal pursuits. They have the reputation of being somewhat eccentric, but nobody doubts their skills in treasure hunting. They have a lodge in most major cities where their members can meet, rest, and plan expeditions. Their insignia takes the form of a red X.


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