In Morset smoking is commonly practiced with tobacco, also known as pipeweed or smokeleaf. The most common method is by pipe, though cigars are not unheard of.


I can not be known when the practice of smoking began in history, though it is generally agreed to be an invention of the halfling people. For many centuries it remained almost exclusively a practice of that people, until the establishment of the Empire.

When the Elves joined the Morsetan Empire of the Veln, so did the halflings. The golden age of the empire was a time of great cultural exchange and discovery, some of the more adventurous halflings ventured east out of their lands to explore the Empire. It was not unusual to run across a halfling in Adamantia at that time, being the great cosmopolitan jewel of the empire, some of the small folk even made their way all the way to the dwarven capital Thorannon in the great eastern mountains. Through this cultural mixing the other races and peoples of the world were exposed to the pipeweed and some took to it. The dwarves are especially fond of the practice and continue it to this day.


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