Syndicate Overview

The Syndicates are a major power in the land of Morset. Most of the resources of the Kingdom of Morset go towards repelling the undead and strengthening the border, as well as dealing with roving bands of bandits and monsters. the Syndicates were created to help pick up the slack. In order be a syndicate these groups first had to enter into the Syndication Pact, a set of rules divinely enforced through a connection to the god of justice and truth, Brak’nal.

The first syndicates were formed in the year 2071. At first there were only three: The Sahlah Archive, Cold Steel, and Shadow. All these were formed from powerful organizations that already existed and which sought additional powers.

The syndicates are providers of goods and services. Each syndicate specializes in a different area of expertise. The syndicates both rely on each other and compete with each other constantly. Many contract clients for syndicate members come from other syndicates, but in the same time they are constantly involved in a struggle for power, territory, wealth, resources, and political influence.

The Syndicates

Cold Steel
Inducted 2071 AE

The Sahlah Archive
Inducted 2071 AE

Inducted 2071 AE

The Ruby Guard
Inducted 2085 AE

The Gold Legion
Inducted 2103 AE
Ejected 2145 AE

The Consortium
Inducted 2110 AE

Inducted 2146 AE

Syndicate Overview

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