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Hold on to your hats! Here is the quick-start introduction to the setting of Ashes of the Empire. The purpose of this page is to very briefly address the major important details that you should know about the setting and what distinguishes it from a normal default D&D/C&C setting.

The continent is named Morset
Northern Morset is dangerous and occupied by the undead. Southern Morset is where civilization is.

There are no humans
Humans were rounded up and exiled as traitors in a massive exodus fleet over the western sea shortly before the total collapse of the Empire around 1000 years ago. No humans have been seen in Morset since.

There are still Half-Orcs and Half-Elves
On average most members of the other races don’t trust them because of their human heritage, they’re considered outcasts from normal society. All these hybrid people are born of hybrid parents.

There are Dragonborn, they are called Veln
Veln are pretty much the same as Dragonborn from 4th edition D&D. They assembled and ruled the Empire while it lasted.

Undead are a constant threat to civilization
Errodrell, the god of undeath has a strong grip on the world and his undead minions constantly test the borders between Northern and Southern Morset.

There’s a massive haunted moon of undeath in the sky
It’s name is Saviour, it’s a giant ancient artifact of Errodrell, and it spreads undeath and holds an oppressive curse over the land.

The dead always rise
The curse causes everyone to rise as an undead soldier 7 days after they die unless cremated or thoroughly dismembered.

It’s not just undead
There’s still plenty of wilderness in Southern Morset to explore. Orcs are constantly issuing from their lands in the southwest and all sorts of monsters dwell beyond the town borders.

The Elves are the rulers now
Most lands except for the Half Elves and Dwarves are ruled over by the Elven Royal Kingdom which helps protect them from the undead in the north.

Syndicates pick up the slack
The Kingdom can’t fight an unending war and handle all domestic problems, especially since it’s run by elves who aren’t nearly as good administrators as the Veln are. Powerful corporations called Syndicates have most of the sway in lands under control of the Kingdom of Morset.

No two Syndicates are alike
The syndicates are engaged in a wide variety of operations at all times, some focus on trade, others focus on military. Most engage is some degree of mercenary work.

Crash Course

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